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Manufacturing process

WIN.0 White is made from white grapes of the Verdejo variety. Via an innovative method, the aromas and alcohol are separated from the rest of the wine’s components.

An “organoleptic reconstitution” process is subsequently carried out, restoring the aromas to the original wine. This results in a product similar to the original wine, but without the alcohol. WIN.0 is offered in 75 cl screw-cap bottles, for easy consumption and conservation.


Thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) and the company Sin Alcohol S.L. WIN.0 has launched a special limited edition to support those affected by cancer diseases. For every bottle of WIN.0 WHITE sold, 60 cents will be assigned to a research project managed by the AECC.


Tasting Notes


Bright, pale yellow color with green tones.

Fresh with a very strong herbaceous tone, characteristic of the Verdejo variety.

Anise, fennel, scrubland. Touches of green apple and citrus.

750ml size

Verdejo Varieties
Bottles produced 30,000

Analytical data
Alcohol 0.0 % vol.
Residual sugar < 0.5 g/100 ml
Acidity 7 g/l
Energy content < 43 kcal/100ml ph 3

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid sunlight.
Consume at 4-6ºC