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WIN is made from white or red wines, using grapes of the Verdejo and Tempranillo varieties.


WIN has been developed to suit all tastes: De-alcoholised Still, Frizzy, Sparkling and low grade frizzy wine.


The winemaking process begins at the vineyard itself, through various processes that help obtain grapes likely to be low in alcohol. Subsequently, this grape is subjected to a fermentation process, producing a highly aromatic wine level. WIN is made from white or red wines, originating from grapes of the Verdejo or Tempranillo varieties grown in vineyards in Ribera del Duero and Rueda, two of the main Denomination of Origin areas in Spain. By means of an innovative and patented process carried out at the Molecular Deconstruction Plant based in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), the aromas and alcohol are separated from the rest of the wine’s components. The process employs a system known as a Spinning Cone Column, which minimises any loss of aromatic elements from the wine whilst extracting aromas and alcohol.

The liquid maintains all its organoleptic properties, such as polyphenols, anthocyanins & antioxidants, whilst maintining all the aromas,colours and flavors of traditional wine, but without the drawbacks of alcohol. WIN range offers de-alcoholised Still, Frizzy & Sparkling wines as well as low alcohol frizzy wine. To best enjoy the authentic flavour of WIN, it is advisable to consume it at 4-6º Celsius.


WIN is healthy; no alcohol and fewer calories.

WIN is refreshing!! should be consumed cold (4-6 ° C) to really enjoy it.

WIN has a genuine flavor and great taste.


De-acoholised wine is suitable for everyone:

People who dislike alcohol.

People unable to consume alcohol. People who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

People concerned with their calorie intake.

People with a taste for natural, healthy products.

Win provides a solution to people who currently require products with these characteristics, such as pregnant women, drivers, sportsmen, patients undergoing medical treatment...