Committed against Cancer

You are not alone in the fight against cancer.

At Win we are making a commitment to join the thousands of people and families that are fighting against this illness. Cancer has for decades been one of the main causes of death in our country, and we all have, or have had, a loved one who has had to face this situation.

In spite of this, we believe in hope, we believe in faith and we believe in self-improvement. We are convinced that, thanks to advances in research, the brilliance of oncology professionals and preventive studies, it will be possible to progressively reduce these statistics. We are committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles, food habits that provide a higher quality of life, and a stimulus for all people affected by this disease.

We feel aware and educated in the fight against cancer and, for this reason, we want to launch actions and initiatives that involve the heroes and heroines for whom daily improvement is a vital objective.

We want to contribute what we can to this cause and, as far as and by all means possible, we will try to contribute positivism, motivation and energy to all those people whose self-improvement serves as a stimulus and example. Because we are winners against cancer.


As a result of a collaboration agreement between the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (the Spanish Association against Cancer) and the business Sin Alcohol S.L., Win has launched a commemorative edition wine in support of cancer patients, whereby for each bottle of WIN.0 White and WIN.0 Red sold, 60 Eurocents will be donated to a research project managed by the AECC.

This special edition of WIN AECC has been designed so as to be personalised for the occasion, and has been inspired by three colours: white, blue and pink representing hope, serenity and love. The graphics integrate forms that symbolise emotions, friendship and joy. We hope that you will like and enjoy them.


We are hearing many stories of self-improvement, narratives of protagonists and their families, which are sure to help and encourage others to fight with even more energy against this illness.

That's why we want you to send us your own stories, so that they can be a source of motivation for all. We will be your mouthpiece, publishing them through our blog, so that this channel of positivity can uplift and drive us even on the hardest days, and remind us loudly and clearly that we are not alone, and that we are never going to give up.